Ananke has established relationships with the technology industry's leading manufacturers of software and hardware. These relationships mean that Ananke technical specialists can preview and test the newest technologies before they hit the market. We have the advanced experience which enables us to help you select what is most appropriate for your business.

Windows Vista

Just learning about Windows Vista? Here is some information and tips to show you why Vista is easier and safer than previous versions of Windows operating systems.

  • See every file you have open at a glance.

  • Surf multiple waves of the web at once.

  • Enhanced security to protect your kids.

  • Record and watch TV on your time.

  • Keep photos organized and ready to share.

Windows Small Business Server (SBS) & Essential Business Server (EBS) 2008

Each of these new product offerings include the Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and Exchange Server 2007 applications. Each also contains the premium edition and an additional copy of Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008.

The difference between SBS and EBS is that Windows EBS accommodates for 75 - 300 employees and has additional security features such as Edge Security and Management and Monitoring using System Center Essentials 2007. SBS services companies with fewer than 75 employees.