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What is Ananke?

skeych of an ancient greek doric column

Ananke, ("an-nang'-kee") is the ancient Greek Goddess of necessity, inevitability and commitment.

Ananke IT Solutions provides clients with a full-suite of Information Technology services. Headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island, Ananke is celebrating its 15th year in business, and has a history of demonstrated financial strength, market growth and flexibility. Ananke has successfully adjusted to market conditions and remain at the forefront of IT related business needs.


Our Mission

Ananke's mission is to maximize your business' potential through Information Technology solutions by:
  • Exceeding client expectations with the highest quality personnel and service.
  • Establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with our clients.
  • Conducting business honestly, ethically,
    and with professionalism.

Our Commitment

Ananke specializes in customized solutions that blend quality teams and technology with best-in-class manangement practices.
Today's economic climate is challenging most organizations to drive value and deliver quality services while spending fewer dollars.
Ananke is committed to delivering cost-effective solutions that incorporate state of the art technologies and processes, utilizing the best technical skills in the market.

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